Cracking The Weight Loss Code Program – Belief Sheets

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Here are your belief sheets for the
Cracking The Weight Loss Code calls.

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Overall Goal

“It is now easy for me to maintain my ideal weight while living a healthy, vibrant lifestyle I love, with people I love, while taking impeccable care of myself. I now create healthy, positive dynamics and strong boundaries around all my relationship. I achieve what I desire. It’s easy for me to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. I now have time in my schedule to exercise 3+ times a week along with eating natural, healthy foods to support and maintain my healthy ideal weight. It is NOW easy for me to love and like my body. I am good enough. I am at peace with my body. I now enjoy eating and cooking a variety of healthy nutritious foods for myself and my family. I now make healthy choices when dining out. Everything I eat turns to health and beauty in my body. I am grateful for each second of life I have and I make a difference.”


Hottest Ticket In Town Wheel-Of-Life


Stress Symptom Checklist


February 1st

Positive Body Image


February 8th

#2 – Life Purpose

Muscle Testing


February 15th

#13 – Releasing Emotional Eating
#18 – Time, Team, and Technology


February 21st

#9 – Positive Body Image and Ideal Weight


March 1st

Become a Nutrition Detective

Health Lifestyle Survey

Healthier Choices Shopping List

The Sugarholic Quiz


March 8th

#18 – Time, Team, and Technology



March 15th

#19 – Projects, Processes & Productivity



March 22nd

#1 – Entrepreneur



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Linda Allred: Desma, The hypnosis session is located in the Description for April 11th. You can play it directly on your computer or you can download it. Talk more on Call 2/2 [...]

Desma Dinkel: On that last alignment on the 11th of April, the whole meeting was on there- is thee anyway that you can email me that hypnosis by itself? I loved it!

Veronica Pryor-Faciane: I TRULY ENJOYED THE CLASS!!!

Linda Allred: Desma, Glad you figured out how to send the mp3 downloads to your phone. Good job. Glad you enjoyed the program. Love and hugs, Linda

Desma Dinkel: Sorry for the typo!

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