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Call 2 Description:
How to practice STEP 2 and STEP 4 of your proven 5-Step Surefire System (5SSS) – The Power of “I AM,” and The Powerful “Willingness Mantra.”


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Be prepared to talk to your coach about your biggest take-away from the CALL 2 presentation during your scheduled coaching call.



Call 2 Program Materials:

  1. Positive Affirmation Self Confidence
    self-confidence audio
  2. The Most Powerful Affirmation In The World
    most powerful affirmation
  3. Positive Affirmations – “I Am Slim. Prosperous. Perfect.”slim prosperous perfect
  4. The Powerful Willingness Mantra
    willingness mantra



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Latest on Thu, 11:35 am

Linda Allred: Desma, The hypnosis session is located in the Description for April 11th. You can play it directly on your computer or you can download it. Talk more on Call 2/2 [...]

Desma Dinkel: On that last alignment on the 11th of April, the whole meeting was on there- is thee anyway that you can email me that hypnosis by itself? I loved it!

Veronica Pryor-Faciane: I TRULY ENJOYED THE CLASS!!!

Linda Allred: Desma, Glad you figured out how to send the mp3 downloads to your phone. Good job. Glad you enjoyed the program. Love and hugs, Linda

Desma Dinkel: Sorry for the typo!

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