SPP Call 1

Hello and Welcome to the
Slim. Prosperous. Perfect.

To view or save each assessment, click on the links below.
Then print out and complete each assessment.

Call 1 Overview:
How to practice STEP 1 of your proven 5-Step Surefire System (5SSS) – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind…The “ONE” Missing Ingredient!


Prework Assessments:
Before CALL 1, please complete the assessments below. Then watch the video.

Please Note: If you have already taken the Living Well Assessment or completed your Wheel of Life, it would be helpful to have them with you on your scheduled coaching call.

living well assessment
wheel of life
stress symptom checklist
10 most important people exercise

For the best viewing experience, watch the video recording (38 minutes) in Fullscreen mode
by clicking on the icon
full screen icon
in the lower right corner.


Be prepared to talk to your coach about your Prework Assessments and your biggest take-away from the CALL 1 presentation during your scheduled coaching call.


To review during your coaching call:
10 most important people answer



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Latest on Thu, 11:35 am

Linda Allred: Desma, The hypnosis session is located in the Description for April 11th. You can play it directly on your computer or you can download it. Talk more on Call 2/2 [...]

Desma Dinkel: On that last alignment on the 11th of April, the whole meeting was on there- is thee anyway that you can email me that hypnosis by itself? I loved it!

Veronica Pryor-Faciane: I TRULY ENJOYED THE CLASS!!!

Linda Allred: Desma, Glad you figured out how to send the mp3 downloads to your phone. Good job. Glad you enjoyed the program. Love and hugs, Linda

Desma Dinkel: Sorry for the typo!

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